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      When is live customer service available?


      A friendly representive is waiting to answer your questions. 

      Working day from 
      9:00-20:30,22:30-07:30 (GMT+8) (with the occasional break for holidays).


      Saturday&Sunday from 11:30-20:30,22:30-07:30 (GMT+8) (with the occasional break for holidays).




      Can I email my questions or concerns?


      Email is the best way to contact us.


      Just send a message to Minejerseys@hotmail.com, and we'll have an answer for you within 12 hours.


      For the fastest response, be sure to write down your order number in the message body.





      Online Coutact: 


      Online Chat: https://lc.chat/now/9162355/

      Call Us: +1-844-311-3301 

      Whatsapp: +852 65766445



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